Life @ work: Can a woman manage both work and home?

This is the age where the world is witnessing more female prime ministers and CEO's than ever. The corporate working hierarchy is experiencing a paradigm shift with more female employees slowly climbing up the ladder and creating their own mark, not forgetting the constant rise in small scale women entrepreneurs. It's a work of art almost to see successful women today flawlessly juggling between their roles at home and work. They are smart to reprioritize and make shifts focus where and when it needs. But, this is not the case for every woman who desires to have both life. There are many women who end up opting out of work instead of leaning in. They are the ones who find it more challenging to transform their conduct from their workstations to the living room. Situation toughens up when it comes to motherhood. This is the stage that changes one's perspective and priorities completely. Even though a woman transforms into a super-efficient human ready to multitask and face any challenge head-on, many find balancing new found mother-job to be more consuming in terms of time and energy and they end up ceasing their professional lives.

Women have been facing the work-life conflict for quite some time now and for a mother, it is all the more challenging to maintain the delicate balance between commitment towards their child and their work. There are so many tradeoffs in the form of family emergencies, missed school events, crisis situations at work... the list is endless. But for the greater good when these challenges are taken up with determination, no one stops a woman to succeed in all stages of life.

A supportive husband who understands the demands of your time and is willing to pitch in at home when there aren't any other options makes life relaxed. After all, it is not about the quantity but the quality that matters when it comes to spending time together as a family, and along with the children. This begs the question of how to make the best of one's time with one's kids?

There has been lack of platforms centered on kids, their families and their needs for long now. There was a dire need for that once in a while environment where the little ones could learn new things while having fun, families could connect in a happy set-up and together they could spend quality time in a fun-filled atmosphere. The introduction of concepts like Krackerjack Karnival appeared as a perfect opportunity to make this happen. This festival, along with other events of its nature, endeavours to create a positive impact in the lives of children and their families through various interactive engagements spread across the venue in the form of educative zones, innovative workshops, Science for kids, thrilling rides, adventure and fun activities and delightful performances in a carnival-like ambience.

By constantly engaging in enriching activities together and making every free moment spent together count, working mothers can contribute more time, fun and love through such family fun filled events towards their children's growth. The main goal should be to strike a smart balance between work and home by investing in the right activities and offering meaningful exposure to the young ones.

Life @ work: Can a woman manage both work and home?